Demands of a Furchild. Notes from a humble servant.

I am trying to work on the next chapter, Truly I am but if you had any idea how difficult that is when my cat Wednesday is cuddling with me (shhh she never cuddles) you would understand. If I make any sudden movements or look in her general direction and acknowledge that we are cuddling she will move. When I start typing I get the one eye opened glare of death.


It’s a struggle. It really really is. Trying to create something worthy of you guys while not disturbing my queen and all high and mighty ruler. At least the ‘move and I will kill you’ look is slightly more productive than this face.


The ‘I’m plotting your demise’ stare. Which directly procedes the ‘typing fingers are more useful for scratching’ play


Which any cat owner will tell you is far better than ‘attack mode kitty’


I am trying to get some writing done but I’m scared for my life. Any attempt to further give attention to something else while not giving Wednesday more attention than she specifically allows could result in this.


Turminator kitty. Once terminator kitty has been activated it won’t be long before grim reaper kitty from hell takes over Wednesday’s soul at which point my life is forfeit.


If I dont post another chapter within the next few days don’t come looking for me. Save yourselves my fellow readers. I will leave instructions for my loved ones to carry on posting for me and I wish you all the best. But for now I think it’s safest if I stop writing and focus my efforts as Wednesday loyal and faithful slave and body pillow. Wish me luck.

And to think she started off so sweet and innocent.


All photos are my own. As terrifying as that may be.

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